Daddy always loves you

If you lose the grip,

Hold my hand.

If you had a bad day,

don’t feel bad.

If someone tease you,

Break his back.

Daddy always love you,

Remember that.
You are the princess of the kingdom,

I built.

The only I survive through,

When I’m I’ll.

Fly with the wings,

I know you will.

Daddy always loves you,

Enshrine still.
Don’t be frighten,

To follow your dreams.

Don’t let’s any obstacle,

Come in between.

Don’t get angry,

Eat an icecream.

Daddy always loves you,

Remember it.


Published by: refilldiaries

A lost bird flying in her own imaginary world of thoughts and words. Penning down her phrases on a piece of paper is her art.The small brains, a little above the wings has gone on a journey of collecting a few more quotes and paras to fill and refill the notebook with punctuation marks and expressions.

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