“hello! Where are you? She asked.

“I am near the school campus, reach there I’ll be waiting you”, he replied.

“Perfect! I’ll be  there in 5 minutes. Be there before I otherwise I’ll not talk to you”, she commanded.

The conversation ended and the girl rode her activa as fast as she could to reach the place told by him. To her surprise it was a open space with big halls and nobody was there including her love. For few seconds she thought, “Am I at right place?”. She tried to call him but no answer. Clouds of thoughts appeared on the top of her head with a lot of unanswered questions.

Suddenly, a message flashed on her cell phone. 

“Baby,enter through the door right infront of you and then turn towards your right”. 

Seeing this message she was a little angry an thought,”why he plays such pranks?”

Then she entered the door with butterflies in her stomach and turned towards the given direction. This turn was like a bucket full of happiness. As she stepped inside she found all her juniors, seniors, her classmates and all her good friends in that big hall. The hall was decorated with flowers, tables, food stalls and colorful curtains. She met all her friends after a of years. The girls were dressed up so beautifully and the boys were looking handsome.

“It was a school reunion”. She realised.

On the contrary she was not well dressed up and was feeling a little upset because of this.

After sometime another message flashed. “Go to the room behind you and get ready sweetheart”.

She immediately rushed into the room and there was a beautiful dress in a packet lying on the bed with a message. “I Love you pretty Lady”.

She put on the dress with a stroke of liner on her eyes and little lipstick that made her lips look so glossy. She tied her hair and got ready. In a flick of a second she called him again. The call did not answer again. She tried again and this time he answered. 

“Sorry cute girl, he said.

“Where are you? I’ve been waiting for so long”,she said.

Cutting her words, he said, “come out and look around. Let’s see you can find me or not”.

“Stop playing hide and seek”, she replied.

In a soft voice he said,” Take a deep breath! And most important you look gorgeous”. A smile on her face took all her bad away. As soon as she stepped out he was standing in front of her. She was so happy. He grabbed her hand and took her to meet his friends. He introduced her to everyone. While doing the same he held her tightly from the waist and suddenly kissed on her forehead infront of everyone. This gesture of overwhelmed her. 

He now took her to gaming zone which she is really fond of. They played counter strike at which she was not good. Both played with a winning strategy but he shocked she won. But he was happy to see her smiling and jumping after the game finished.

Now according to rules of the game, the winner had to press the button present on the top, while the loser the bottom one. Sadly that button was on a great height that she couldn’t reach to it. Not knowing about the rules, she pressed the bottom button.

“LOSER”, flashed on the digital meter. As she saw it, her eyes widely opened and she saw him.

He laughed like nobody was watching with hands on his stomach and hugged her for making her feel better. She lost the battle even after winning. Holding her they came out of the gaming zone still laughing a little. Everyone was dancing on the floor like mad. One of her friend asked them to join the crowd.

“Let’s dance”,she said.

“Sure pretty lady”, he replied with a broad smile on his face.

Taking him in the middle of the dance floor she placed her hands on his shoulders and made him grab her from her waist. They danced smiling at each other with love, complementing one another with grace in their attitude. That very moment they appeared a single soul. The way they danced showed that they for that moment.  

A weird stuff happened the next which made me blast into laughter.

“Beta!get up! Its already 10 o’ clock”.

“Get up! I have so many work and you are still sleeping”, her mother shouted.

With a Broken heart she woke up and realised that was just a dream.



Published by: refilldiaries

A lost bird flying in her own imaginary world of thoughts and words. Penning down her phrases on a piece of paper is her art.The small brains, a little above the wings has gone on a journey of collecting a few more quotes and paras to fill and refill the notebook with punctuation marks and expressions.

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