Two pretty ladies filled with imagination and stories. They are two of the kind with a different feature and mind. They write what they summon up and do whatsoever they feel like. One is silent, other is rowdy and violent. Accepting the reality is one’s mind while other dreams of fairy time. They scoop a little happiness from all the corners and dance like nobody bothers. Egoistic at some point of time fight all day long with a sword and a wand.
After a great fight probably on the road commit not to talk. Blame one another feel upset and then their faces turn into a pumpkin. The commitment prevails till one abuse and tease the other. I wonder how they change to wild saying bye to mankind. They pose a sarcastic remark of all kind but one loves kenchi and other loves livin.
Though speaking the different languages share a common genre, the crocodile and an alligator. A sigh of laughter develops sometimes when both turn into drama queen and VJ vine.



Published by: refilldiaries

A lost bird flying in her own imaginary world of thoughts and words. Penning down her phrases on a piece of paper is her art.The small brains, a little above the wings has gone on a journey of collecting a few more quotes and paras to fill and refill the notebook with punctuation marks and expressions.

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