A big mole

Small in size,

Minus in height,

Peeped through the window,

Seeing the bright light.

Entered through the hole,

With a big mole,

When I stepped into kitchen,

He was playing my role,

Trying to eat the freezer stuff whole.

Rotating his tongue in the soup,

He jumped over the loop,

Then gave a bad poop.

Flicking his tail from side to side,

Ate what he like.

Frivolous in the glass of water

He went with a smile,

Moving like a teeter-totter.


Published by: refilldiaries

A lost bird flying in her own imaginary world of thoughts and words. Penning down her phrases on a piece of paper is her art.The small brains, a little above the wings has gone on a journey of collecting a few more quotes and paras to fill and refill the notebook with punctuation marks and expressions.

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